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Giray Gallery is a new Contemporary Art Gallery located in downtown Santa Fe on West Water Street
(across from Coyote Cafe)



Michael Gurule


Michael Gurulé has been working as an artist most of his life. He comes from many generations of artists, having lived primarily in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has worked in artist studios, museums, and foundries, all of which have built depth in himself and his art. his artwork reflects the extent and diversity of his experience, bringing a solid vision to his sculptures and paintings. He has participated in many individual and group shows and continues to work extensively through commission with private collectors.

Michael is rightfully proud that you can find some of his father’s wood carvings in museums and in art auctions throughout the country. As an ever-evolving artist, Michale is currently working in diverse media, including marble, oil-based clay, and bronze sculptures, as well as multimedia paintings. Michaels’s art has an originality that is rare in Modern Age.

David Snow

Enamel Artist

David H. Snow, a resident of New Mexico since April 1969, is a self-taught artist in enamels who presently lives in Albuquerque. Snow uses both traditional and experimental methods to fuse transparent and opaque colors to thin sheets of copper which are then fired at extremely high temperatures before framing. Snow’s works are in private collections throughout New Mexico, Texas, and Australia.

Dead Nikita


Dead Nikita is a self-taught artist. He was born and raised in New Mexico. He has been flown to Taiwan, Ireland, Australia, and various cities in the United States to teach art. He has also sold and shipped art to people in Taiwan, Australia, and a variety of cities within the United States. He enjoys painting on canvas, wood, and doing large murals. The biggest mural that he has done was almost 160 feet in length and 25 feet tall. He has done murals in Los Angeles, Australia, and New Mexico.

Carol Mell

Encaustic and Photography

Carol grew up in a wild place. Just behind her house, a creek ran down from the snow-laden mountain and continued on to the great river where prehistoric fish swam in the deeps. As a child, she felt kinship with the trees, the waters and the creatures all around. They spoke to her. But she also grew up with people who lived close to that land—hunters, fishers, farmers, carpenters and hermits.

She went to Reed College in Oregon and later to The Juilliard School in New York where she studied modern dance and choreography. Years later she became a reporter on the Arizona-Mexico border and always had a camera slung over her shoulder. She had always loved photography but when she could develop her own color images digitally she fell hard.

In all her artistic iterations; writer, choreographer, dancer, photographer, photoshop guru and painter she has tried to show what Thomas Berry calls “a communion of subjects more than a collection of objects” for it is a profound belief of her’s that spirit is in all things, that the creation is alive.

Her photo encaustic landscapes are lush and sensuous. Hold them close and you can smell the beeswax. They represent perfect hours in the sun and rain. They represent the sacred intersection of earth and sky.

The series, “Giants in the Earth” was made after a trip to Ethiopia. The figures were shot from a vehicle and so represent street photography Ethiopian style. She then placed these figures in backgrounds of color and imagination that captured the connection between the figure and the earth. All the pieces in this series have natural elements incorporated like grass, sticks, shells and feathers.

She has lived in the Southwest for 25 years and never tires of it. In her journey through various art forms she always hoped her work would help people remember our fundamental and spiritual connection with the natural world and so she has exhorted her students, collectors and fans to “Follow the Dirt Road in Your Soul.”

Kerry Gallagher


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Louise Coleman


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